Supernode Locking Plan
  • Total Amount - -
  • Locking amount - -
  • Remaining Amount - -
  • Participated users - -
  • Minimum locking amount - -
  • Locking start time - -
  • Locking deadline - -
  • Unlock and bonus distribution time 30 days after YTA mainnet swap
YTA Locking List

Locking amount: - -

Locking amount: - -

Locking amount: - -

Lock YTA to share bonus

Coineal will open the bonus right of Supernode
to all users. Users who lock YTA can share bonus.

Unlock 30 days after YTA mainnet swap

YTA will be unlocked 30 days
after YTA mainnet swap

100% bonus distribution

Coineal will distribute bonus to users in time
after receiving it from YTA.

YTA Locking Plan Q&A

Q1: What is YTA Supernode trading?

A: YTA (YottaChain) Global Supernode Exchange Cooperation Plan started. As the Supernode of YTA, Coineal decided to share the bonus right to all users. Users can lock their YTA and share the bonus as part of YTA Supernode.

Q2: Where does the bonus come from?

A: The bonus comes from the YottaChain reward for the Supernode. According to the project's plan, a total of 100,000,000 (100 million) YTA will be distributed to all supernodes in the first year. After YTA mainnet swap, Coineal will distribute the bonus given by YottaChain according to the proportion of users' locking amount.

Q3: How is the bonus calculated?

A: Locking start time, locking deadline, and locking amount will be announced in advance. Users can lock YTA before deadline. After the deadline, bonus will be calculated according to the distribution method of YTA.

Q4: How is the bonus distributed?

A: After YTA locking period, Coineal will gradually distribute the bonus of the participating users. It may be delayed due to the large number of users, please be patient. Users can check the bonus in "Liquidities".

Q5: Can it be unlocked in advance?

A: It cannot be unlocked in advance after locking. After 30 days of YTA mainnet swap, the bonus and locking YTA will be unlocked at the same time.

Q6: Can bonus be directly traded or withdrawn?

A: After YTA locking period, bonus can be traded or withdrawn directly.